Iowa State University Faculty and Staff

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Research Interests: Synthesis and characterization of heterogeneous block copolymers and polymer nanocomposites for applications ranging from asphalt modification to adhesives to directed self-assembly for photolithographic masks

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Research Interests: Physicochemical and structural properties of foods, lipids, food nanotechnology, and material science in foods

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Research Interests: Thermochemical conversion of biomass (fast pyrolysis and solvolysis), utilization of waste materials, and biofuels and biobased products

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Research Interests: Agricultural economics, international trade, international economics, trade and the environment, policy analysis, obesity, food policy

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Research Interests: Gasification and fast pyrolysis of biomass; biorenewable resources; biofuels and biopower; fluidized beds; and hot gas cleaning

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Research Interests: The use of embedded systems and advanced instrumentation to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and control capacity of agricultural systems including those for food, fiber, and energy production

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Research Interests: Composite materials evaluation, ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation of composites, experimental structural design and finite element analysis, and experimental mechanics

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Research Interests: Biology of rare woody plants

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Negotiator, Industry Research Contracts

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Research Interests: Microfluidics, biosensors, optofluidics, materials, organ on a chip, diagnostics and therapeutics, and physics of micro/nanoscale phenomena

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Research Interests: Research and development of biomaterials, mainly thermoplastic elastomers, from renewable resources

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Research Interests: Polymer electrolyte for battery and fuel cell, smart materials for sensors and actuators, functional surface coatings for building windows and highway pavements, polymer aerogel/hydrogel, nanotechnology and nanomaterials

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Research Interests: Colloids and nanoparticles, surface and interface, coating materials, biodegradable polymers, and gene delivery

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Research Interests: Control theory, robust and nonlinear control, acoustic noise control, vibration control, flexible multi-body dynamics, integrated design via multi-objective optimization, robotics, and neural networks

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Research Interests: organic synthesis, bio-agricultural chemistry, and toxicology

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Research Interests: Food processing and engineering, crops utilization and industrial value-addition via enzyme application, and fermentations, biobased products, engineering properties of food and structure-functional properties- proteins, polysaccharides, food rheology

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Research Interests: Application of biopolymers and biocomposites to evaluate and maximize their potential for practical uses in building and design

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Research Interests: Smart materials and structures, functional thin-films (energy harvesting, sensors and actuators), polymer-metal nanocomposites (green energy), nature-inspired soft microrobotic (biomedical devices and military applications), and MEMS and NEMS

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Research Interests: Biocomposites; green design; compact-footprint design-build construction, passive house technology; design for the elderly; electronic architectures; rapid prototyping; architectural history, theory, and culture; mobility and architecture

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Senior Negotiator, Industry Research Contracts

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Research Interests: Molecular design of nanoscale polymer systems and biomaterials to precisely control molecular architecture and functionality in these systems

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Research Interests: Business development and technology commercialization

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Research Interests: Economics, social issues, and commercialization

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Research Interests: Fabrication of scaffolds for biomedical applications, laser ablation, automation, CAD/CAM systems, 3D printing, multi-material and multi-scale fabrication

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Research Interests: Developing early-stage techno-economic models of bioprocessing systems

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Research Interests: Demonstrate how industrial design can act as a vehicle for showcasing what is possible with biopolymers and moving this technology into the mainstream

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Research Interests: Biomedical manufacturing, nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes, manufacturing processes, materials characterization, aerospace applications, nondestructive testing (NDT)-X-ray diffraction, and fatigue/failure analysis

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Research Interests: Sustainability of biorenewable systems and processes, development of value-added products and coproducts, design of bioprocess engineering systems, and mathematical modeling and simulation

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Research Interests: Additive manufacturing in construction

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Research Interests: Identifying, evaluating, and improving emerging bioplastic container materials to replace petroleum-based plastic containers in specialty crop production

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Research Interests: Application of 3D printing on food materials and pharmaceuticals with customized paste extruder. Using hydrocolloids as reference materials for food printing. Building relationship between rheological properties and food printability to predict the suitability of a potential material

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Research Interests: Biocatalysts, nanobiotechnology, non-aqueous enzymology, green processing, and immobilized enzymes

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Research Interests: Functional nanocarbons, electrosynthesis, bio-oil upgrading, CO2 Conversion

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Research Interests: Soft materials (polymers and soft alloys), surfaces and interfaces (self-assembled monolayers, molecular electronics, and self-cleaning surfaces), and low-cost diagnostics and other bio-analytical devices

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Research Interests: Organic and bioorganic chemistry, synthesis, protein chemistry, materials and macromolecular science

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Research Interests: Design, safety, and function of polymeric food packaging with an emphasis on cost optimization and conversion processes of polymer and bioplastic food packaging, biological and chemical safety of food contact surfaces, and shelf-life extension and nutritive value retention

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Research Interests: Characterization and processing of soybeans, corn, eggs, and microalgae for producing functional lipids and proteins as food, feed and fuels

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Research Interests: Bioprocess engineering; fermentation for functional foods and non-food products; algal culture development; biofuels and value-added products from microalgae; anaerobic digestion of food and animal wastes

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Research Interests: Asphalt materials characterization; asphalt design, performance and construction; asphalt rheology; and pavement design

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Research Interests: Modifying the properties of existing textile products with nanomaterials, i.e. nanofibers, nanoparticles