North Dakota State University Faculty and Staff

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Research Interests: Polymers from renewable resources, Synthesis of new high performance polymers and thermosets, Polymerization reactions, Quantitative structure-property relationships, New crosslinking chemistry and kinetics

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Research Interests: Thermoplastic and thermoset bio-based composites development, environmentally friendly composites manufacturing, advanced polymer composite additive manufacturing, composite process design and modeling, and characterization of advanced materials

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Research Interests: fiber Reinforced Composite Materials, sustainable/bio-based plastics and composites, polymer Nanocomposites, sustainable polymers and composites for Structural Applications, and materials characterization

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Research Interests: Biobased polymers and composites, synthesis and application of nanoscale materials and nanocomposites, biomass based nanomaterials, biomass carbonization, polymer physics

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Research Interests: Fatigue and fracture of engineering materials, materials characterization, multiaxial fatigue modeling, cumulative damage, time-dependent behavior, temperature effects, engineering pedagogy and outreach

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Research Interests: Additive manufacturing, process engineering and development, cyber physical systems, clinical/commercial translation of biomedical products.

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Research interests: Research Interests: Sustainability assessment of biobased product   processes, Life cycle assessment, Techno-economic Analysis, Industrial Ecology, Process simulation for biorefineries, Biochemicals, biofuel and biopower, Biobased products policy

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Research Interests: : Biobased materials for sustainable product and process development for biomedical applications, sustainable medical nanotechnology, amphiphilic block and branched copolymers, dynamic self-assembly and supramolecular chemistry

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Research Interests: Application of computational chemistry and cheminformatics methods to investigate properties and design novel materials with improved properties (bio-based polymeric materials, nanomaterials)

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Research Interests: Green Chemistry, Monomers from Biomass, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Lignocellulosic Biomass, Oxidations

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Research Interests: Biobased polymers and composites for additive manufacturing, biobased polymer matrix composites, thermal pre-processing of lignocellulosic materials for advanced materials development, in-situ materials creation, materials characterization and application testing.

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Research Interests: monomer/polymer synthesis; monomers/polymers/polymeric materials from plant oils; latex polymerization

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Research Interests: Multifunctional Nanofibers, Nanostructures,Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs), Joining Technologies,Applied Mechanics, Micro/Nanomechanics and Computational Materials Science