University of Georgia Faculty and Staff

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Research interests: New polymers, biodegradable materials, coatings and interfaces.

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Research Interests: Fiber science, nonwovens, melt-blowing, cotton nonwovens, plastic recycling, multifunctional nonwovens

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Research interests: Materials management, agricultural materials, biomass cycling, anaerobic digestion

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Research interests: Metabolic engineering, fermentation, nutrient-limited processes, microbial physiology.

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Research interests: Nitric oxide releasing materials, antibacterial coatings, hemocompatible materials, medical devices, animal models, wound healings, translational research.

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Research interests: Global materials management, waste, plastic, biodegradation, recycling.

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Research interests: Catalytic reaction engineering, renewable fuels and chemicals.

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Research interests: Materials flow, life cycle assessment.

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Research interests: Nanocellulose manufacturing, food packaging films, surface modified nanocellulose, LCA of nanocellulose.

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Research interests: Nanofibers, bio-based coatings, nanostructured materials, responsive materials, biomaterials, biointerfaces, functional fibers and textiles.

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Research interests: Animal health, emerging diseases, infectious diseases, technology development and implementation.

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Research interests: Nanocellulose, biopolymer composites.2

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Research Interests: Computational mechanics, soft matters, mechanics of biopolymer composites, bio-inorganic interfaces.

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Research interests: Material science, degradable polymers, composites and coatings.

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Research interests: Metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, natural products, bioenergy, biotechnology.