CB2 Strategic Goals - 2018 Webinar

During this webinar, we reviewed the strategic goals of a recently established Industry/University Cooperative Research Center supported by the National Science Foundation. The webinar provided details of the center's operation, funding, intellectual property, project selection and management as well as how your participation will benefit your company, and the successful steering of the center.


Speakers include center director Dr. David Grewell from Iowa State University, co-director Dr. Vikram Yadama from Washington State University, Dr. Jason Locklin from University of Georgia in the planning stage, and the center's industry member Dr. Deborah Mielewski from Ford Motor Company.  View Recording Here ยป

Polylactic Acid from Residual Woody Biomass: A chemical Process Simulation, Techno-Economic Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment

Dr. Francesca Pierobon